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4Wall DC Supports Port City Church FUSE Event

By on Sep 13, 2015
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Myrtle Beach, SC- Port City Community Church's Annual FUSE summer camp brings together four campuses, over 500 students, and 150 leaders.  This year's incarnation also brought exceptional stage lighting to the program with a rig designed by Student Ministries Production Coordinator Matthew Berry.  4Wall DC was chosen as the lighting provider for the event.

Inhabiting the Crown Reef Resort in Myrtle Beach, the in-house production staff- including Berry, Production & Media Coordinator Mike Paschal, Lighting Engineer Brandon Shaw, Audio Engineer Carson Goslee, and Production Intern Jacob Turner- set about creating a lighting package beginning with a rig from one of their nearby mobile campuses.

"Coming from a mobile campus our initial rig was a little small on the lighting side, so we came to 4Wall for help," said Berry.  Berry got in touch with 4Wall via the company's online quote request portal. 

"The online quote was awesome!  It was easy to browse, and it has so many things listed as far as products go.  Everything is neatly organized into categories, and some of the most popular fixtures are listed, which is how we first found the Martin MAC Quantums."

Berry added Clay Paky B-Eye K20s to his quote request in addition to the MAC Quantum Profiles and Washes.  All would prove to be very useful once they arrived on site.

"I haven't been able to decide which fixtures were my favorites.  The Quantum Profiles are just beasts.  They're seriously powerful, and they're sharp.  They prism quite wide, which we used to shoot out into the house and cover the space wall to wall with gobos."

Meanwhile, the B-Eyes were used in wash and graphic mode to ensure a variety of looks for the space.  The team also added ETC Source Four Series 2 Lustr LEDs, and cited ease of color temperature adjustment as a huge benefit of the fixtures.

With another successful FUSE camp behind them, Barry and his team praised first-year partner 4Wall DC for its service and equipment. "Renting from 4Wall has been one of the best rental experiences I've ever had.  I've been more than satisfied with the level of professionalism and care we've received, and I know our team feels the same!"

For more information on Port City Church, visit their official site here.

 Photo credits: Zack Hamby, Port City Church

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