Studio Solutions

We have a range of studio solutions to suit your event. Whether you're looking for an entirely remote set up or you are seeking a professional studio location for filming, as virtual event specialists we can support your virtual event goals with our studio and content capture solutions.

Full XR Set

A full extended reality (XR) set offers an immersive experience for both the presenter and the virtual user. The benefits of having a full XR set include enabling the presenter to see and experience liverendered content on an LED backdrop, creating fully immersive 3D worlds with augmented reality objects and live remote Q&A panels that know no bounds.


Green Screen

A green screen backdrop enables you to create a fully immersive world for your presenter for a virtual event presentation, conference or webinar. Green screen is the ideal solution for filming a pre-recorded or live event segment, with the ability to edit the content in post-production and achieve highly creative worlds without any restrictions.

Fully Virtual Studio Solution

Our fully virtual studio at Royal Lancaster London is remote, safe, engaging and immersive. We can take your virtual event to the next level without presenters needing to leave the house, adding live presenters streamed via Teams or Zoom from anywhere in the world into dynamic virtual Unreal worlds.

Remote Content Capture

We can support you with a range of content capture platforms and products for your live or pre-recorded streams. Including remote content capture kits, webbased streaming tools and production support.

Digital Backdrops

You don't always need virtual content to make an impression. We offer LED backdrops and monitor, audio and lighting packages for your content needs, as a simple yet effective set that can be created at any size or shape and feature bespoke brand content for a presenter or multiple presenters.

Live Streaming Services

We can live stream studio feeds, remote feeds or any content source to any platform or service, and can also support with custom live streaming sites, featuring custom branding, Q&A and registration.

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