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4Wall Provides Gear for Award Winning Intel CES Booth

By on Feb 22, 2015
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Las Vegas, NV-  UK based Stage Light Design and LD John Rinaldi utilized equipment from 4Wall Las Vegas to create an immersive lighting environment for the 2015 incarnation of Intel at CES.

Rated as the number one "Most Eye-Catching Booth at CES 2015" by Time Magazine and Find the Best, the booth was described in glowing terms by those who reviewed it.

"Only one space in all of CES is both foreign and inviting, like a time capsule from the future that instantly feels right at home. Intel's chic space sets the mood with soft blue lighting, then throws in comfortable seats, a pillow-like carpet, and so much open space that for once, you won't feel crowded. To walk through Intel's corner is to experience the very best version of the show—the most eye-catching booth at CES." - Find the Best

Selected Gear List, Intel CES 2015

120   Martin MAC Aura Wash LEDs
 42    Vari*Lite VL2500 Spots
 14    Altman 14" Scoops
  6     ETC Source Four Pars
  6     ETC Source Four Ellipsoidals
  2     Jands Vista L5 Consoles

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