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HP Customer Event Lit by Chris Dallos and 4Wall

By on Jun 17, 2015
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Las Vegas, NV- With more than four years of experience working with technology giant Hewlett-Packard, Lighting Designer Chris Dallos knows inherently how to use lighting to create a visual world for the brand's events.  For a recent HP Customer Event, Dallos was called upon once again by global brand experience agency Jack Morton Worldwide to help showcase HP products to a select group of attendees.

As he has in previous instances, Dallos chose 4Wall Las Vegas to provide the lighting gear necessary for the show and its components; including a product showcase, general session, and entertainment from an up and coming pop artist.  The team also lit a series of interactive skits showing HP products at use in real life.  All of the events took place at the M Resort Spa Casino.

For the product showcase area, Dallos jewel lit products on display across seven ballrooms, along with presenters and graphics as needed.  The size of the graphics presented difficulty.

"Some of the images on the graphics are nearly 30 ft. long," said Dallos.  "HP is in the printing business, so the color rendering and evenness of the light is critical."

To ensure the perfect tones, Dallos chose to use 4Wall's Chroma-Q Color Force 72 battens wherever possible. 

"The crisp quality of the light is spot on." He said.

In areas where a strip light wasn't an option, hanging ETC Source Four LED Series 2 fixtures allowed consistent color temperatures to be maintained.  The team worked around ceiling chandeliers by creating a truss layout that allowed all the products to be lit properly while keeping fixtures high enough to not feel oppressive.

The most challenging room to light was Lux Restaurant, located on the 14th floor of the M Resort and serving as the location of the interactive skits showcasing product usage.  Dallos needed to create an individual atmosphere for each skit while dealing limited power and a lack of hanging positions.  He relied on LED fixtures and Arri 300W Fresnels to do the heavy lifting in the space, creating the illusion of airplanes, cafes, and other everyday situations.

For the large automated rig hanging over the general session, Dallos worked closely with the performing artists' LD to ensure gear from 4Wall was brought in that would ensure the pop star was properly lit.  Martin MAC VipersVari-Lite VL3500s, and Clay Paky Sharpys hit the stage, while Dallos tasked MAC Auras with lighting the audience and surrounding graphics.

Dallos could not have pulled off the event without his experienced team, which included production electricians Sean McGrath, Lindsey Glover, and Adam Eldridge, as well as programmer Joe Allegro.  Jack Morton's Technical Directors, Jeff Burt and Kyle Schoenfield also played key roles, as did 4Wall Las Vegas.

"A huge shout out to the 4Wall team," said Dallos, "they always get it right."

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