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Demo: Clay Paky Sharpy Wash

The Clay Paky Sharpy Wash keeps much of the original Sharpy's outer looks, but is re-engineered from the inside and front end to offer designers a fixture that can deliver a wider array of possible looks. The front of the Sharpy Wash has a Fresnel lens with a motorized top hat for beam control. It uses a MSD Platinum 16R discharge lamp that produces 16,000 lumens of output in the 8,000K color temperature range. At most it consumes just 550 watts, which allows several to be placed on a single 20-amp circuit. It also offers a CMY mixing engine that moves at incredibly fast speeds, which you can see in the video. 


  • Uses a 330W Lamp (8,000 K 1,500 h)
  • Equalling the light output of a 1,000 Watt luminaire
  • Small, lightweight and easily transported: only 18.5 Kg (40.8 lbs)
  • Adjustable beam angle from 6.5 to 48
  • Motorised Top Hat (Clay Paky patented)
  • CMY Color System + 11-color wheel + open
  • Rotating beam shaper
  • High speed movements and effects
  • Frosted, smooth mechanical dimmer
  • High speed Stop/Strobo effect
  • Soft-edge Filter + heavy frost filter
  • New, high-performance electronics
  • Patented Italian design Eco-friendly: replaces far larger and more expensive washlights
  • Electronic ballast fitted as standard

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