4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 13 | Production Electricians

By Skylar Smith | Roundtable Discussions
Aug 23, 2020, updated Jul 13, 2021
 4Wall Sunday Roundtable: Ep. 13 | Production Electricians

Episode 13 | Production Electricians

Episode 13 of the 4Wall Sunday Roundtable features production electricians from Broadway, Regional Theatre, Concert Touring, Corporate Events, Fashion Shows, and Live TV. Please join us to hear what they are doing during the shutdown, gigs they are currently working on, as well as their thoughts on the state of the industry. 

  • Tom Blancato - Production Electrician/Gaffer
  • Paul Kilsdonk - Regional Theatre Master Electrician (McCarter Theatre Center)
  • Eric Norris - Broadway Production Electrician
  • Valentina Migoulia - Fashion Show Production Electrician

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