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4Wall Honored to be Included in Shannon Stokes' AP Art Project

By Drew Quinones on Aug 25, 2016
Posted in General

Shannon Stokes is a senior at Severna Park High School. SPHS opened its doors to students in 1959. After 57 years of filling its classrooms with eager students ready to learn, the original SPHS building will be torn down at the end of the year.

Shannon decided to encapsulate her memories of the school in the form of art. She painted her rendition of the school's building for her AP Art project and included logos that represent her memories and adventures during her time at SPHS. We were thrilled to have been included in her art piece.

4Wall DC's Jenn Nicolosi is the Stage Crew Advisor and alum at Severna Park High School. "Shannon clearly deserves no less than an A+ in my books," Jenn said. We couldn't agree more!

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