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  • Dave 'Obie' Oberman Senior VP of Global Strategy
  • Brad Hafer Senior VP of Global Live Events
  • Rick O'Neill Senior VP of Business Development
  • Todd Mertzel Senior VP of Live Events
  • Josh Weisberg Senior VP of Event Services
  • Al Ridella VP of Business Development - NorthEast
  • Bob Suchocki VP of Live Events
  • Robert A. Roth VP of Live Events
  • Chris Toone VP of Client Services
  • Michael McDermott VP of Live Events
  • James Petrusson VP of Live Events
  • Jeff Boldenweck VP of Client Services
  • Brent Pritchett VP of Systems Integration
  • Robby Kurtz VP of Business Development
  • Don Mascot VP of Client Services & General Manager
  • Stephen Llorens VP of Client Services
  • Mike Mancuso Director of Used Sales
  • Donald Clifford Director of Client Sales
  • Derek Deiterman Account Manager
  • Greg Wershing Director of Corporate Events
  • Dennis Menard Director of Corporate Events
  • John Keating Senior Project Manager
  • Bobby Marshall Senior Project Manager
  • Brittany Badgley Director of Client Services
  • Neysha Whiten Director of Client Services
  • Clay Brakeley Senior Project Manager
  • Jamie Smith Used Sales Operations
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