CES 2015 Hisense Booth

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CES 2015 Hisense Booth

Las Vegas, NV - International design firm Fine Design Associates once again played a huge part in creating immersive lighting experiences for some of the biggest manufacturers of technology at CES 2015.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show is the pinnacle event of the tech industry, attracting over 170,000 visitors to this year's incarnation, along with over 3,500 separate exhibitors.

Fine Design turned to 4Wall Las Vegas for the gear needed to light booths for major brands including Canon, Panasonic, Samsung, Monster, and Hisense.

The enormous booths for these well-known manufacturers covered a combined total of more than 74,000 sq. feet of the Las Vegas Convention Center floor.  A commitment to helping each brand stand out in the massive media space that is the CES show floor has been the calling card of Fine Design for many years.

The varied look and feel of each booth was created using a host of fixtures from 4Wall, including well over 300 moving lights and more than 500 LED fixtures.  

Automated fixtures in use included a wide range of Martin fixtures (Viper Performance and Profiles, Quantum LED Washes, and Auras) as well as Vari-Lite units (VL4000, VL3500 Spots and Washes).

For LEDs, Fine's team chose Chroma-Q Color Force battens of various lengths, along with Chauvet COLORado 1 Quad Tour LEDs. Also included on the gear list were more than 1,000 conventional fixtures, mostly consisting of ETC Ellipsoidals and Pars.

"We're always thrilled to team up with Fine Design during CES," said 4Wall Las Vegas VP of Rentals Bob Gaynor.  "Paul Fine, Ken Moreland, Dean Brown, and their entire team create amazing designs that take full advantage of all the latest lighting technology that we have to offer."

Selected Gear List

14 – Martin MAC Viper Profile

10 – Martin MAC Quantum Wash

36 – Chroma-Q Color Force 48

5 – Chroma-Q Color Force

2 – MA Lighting grandMA2 Light

22 – ETC Source Four 36 Deg

8 – ETC Source Four 26 Deg

2 – ETC Source 4 19 Deg

23 – ETC Source 4 Par


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