The Eagles Hotel California Tour

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The Eagles Hotel California Tour

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The Eagles Hotel California Tour

The Eagles returned to the road on Tuesday launching their rescheduled Hotel California tour at Madison Square Garden in New York City! 4Wall is providing the 3-month long tour, designed by the legendary LD Steve Cohen, with a lighting & rigging package. 4Wall is supporting Nighthawk Video with LED video panels and servers. We are thrilled to be sharing the stage with one of our Rock Lititz neighbors, Clair Global. Check out the crew and gear list below.

| Crew List |

Designer: Steve Cohen

Lighting Director: Bryan Barancik

Lighting Lead: Dan Mcdonough

Lighting Tech: McClain "Gig Saver" Moss

Lighting Tech: Teresa Hull

Lighting Tech: Tony Clarke

Lighting Tech: Mike Queally

Automation Tech: Kevin Pampel

Rigging: C2W

| Selected Gear List |

150 – Ayrton Khamsin

27 – CHAUVET Professional Maverick MK3 Wash

40 – GLP X4 SCP

7 – ROBE lighting BMFL FollowSpot

7 – Robe RoboSpot Base Station

36 – Robe PATT 2013

5 – Reel EFX DF-50 Diffusion Hazer

3 – Reel EFX RE 2 Turbo Fan

2 – MA Lighting grandMA2 Full-Size Console

610’ of Tyler Truss Systems LLC GT Truss

80’ of Tyler Box Truss

126 – ChainMaster Hoists

8 – Kinesys Elevation 1+

395 – ROE Visual Carbon CB8S (Full)

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