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2.8mm Aluvision LED Floor

2.8mm Aluvision LED Floor

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The highest-resolution LED floor available on the market. Not only can you achieve a seamless high-resolution Hi-LED 55 FLOOR at a 2.5mm and 2.8mm pixel pitch, but you can also create modular floor-to-ceiling designs and unforgettable immersive worlds using LED. From circular LED floor designs to LED rooms, there are no bounds to using the creative Aluvision FLOOR LED at your next event.

About Aluvision's Hi-LED 55

Aluvision’s Hi-LED 55 flat, floor, true-curve, edge and 3D corner LED is the next level in creative LED design. The Aluvision Hi-LED 55 product has a 2.5mm or 2.8mm pixel pitch and fits seamlessly into the Aluvision modular framework. We also own the dynamic, high-resolution 2.8mm Aluvision LED. Choose from flat, floor and curve LED panels at a pixel pitch of 2.8mm LED.

As Aluvision’s UK rental partner, we can work with you to integrate our creative panels into an Aluvision design or as a standalone creative display solution to achieve limitless creativity in exhibition, retail and conference environments.

From the highest resolution LED floor on the market to the 90-degree non-faceted curve, the Hi-LED 55 is a game changer in the world of event technology.

  • Endless Design Possibilities: All of the Aluvision LED tiles are encased in bespoke aluminium frames designed to fit together seamlessly to create bespoke shapes and wall displays. The back of every panel also features a slot for an SEG fabric or a hard panel to cover the rear of the display, hiding any unwanted cables, making it ideal for a conference or exhibition space.
  • Flush Integration: Aluvision tiles fit securely into your design and are fastened with quick tighteners for a beautiful flush finish. The thinnest LED tiles on the market available for seamless integration in a modular system, the panels use magnetic alignment and positioning pins to guarantee precise mounting. The tiles can also be suspended for a flown LED design using bespoke rigging bars.
  • Toolless Installation: The interchangeable cast aluminium power box allows for toolless fixation of every panel, with the ability to connect up to 19 cabinets using one power cable and up to 21 cabinets using one data cable. The tiles feature a quick lock system and easy grip ergonomically designed handles to allow for an easy build and set up.
  • Sustainable All-in-One Design: The Aluvision cast aluminium frames and LED panel are lightweight, sleek and easy-to-install in one design, whilst retaining a strong and bold LED display. With easy-access and removal elements for necessary maintenance, the panel design negates the need to build a one-off bespoke truss system that can never be used again. Instead every LED tile features an integrated frame and protective cover so it can be reused at multiple shows and events and still be unique every time.

We ensure our equipment is maintained to the highest standard, ready for your next event. Our experienced team of account managers, project managers and technicians are ready and waiting to help you create the perfect video and lighting experience.

  • Pixel pitch: 2.8mm
  • Resolution (pixels): 176 x 176
  • Cabinet dimensions: 496mm x 496mm x 55mm
  • Brightness: 1000 nits
  • Viewing angles: 140˚ (H) /120˚ (V)
  • Cabinet weight: 9kg
  • Refresh rate: 3840Hz
  • Max power: 145 (W/m²)
  • Best viewing distance: 2.8m
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