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Avolites Quartz Titan Console

Avolites Quartz Titan Console

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The Quartz is the newest addition to the Titan Mobile family, complete with on-board processing and a bright, vibrant 12.1” screen, in our smallest full-featured console. Super compact, measuring only 42.5cm wide, the Quartz is the ideal companion for all your lighting projects, from touring and festivals to clubs and one-offs.
Featuring the same high quality faders and hardware you’ve come to expect from Avolites, the Quartz can go anywhere you can, ideal for life on the road.
Offering full compatibility with Multi user, the Quartz is also perfect for use as a back-up or extra programming surface, cutting your programming time. The Quartz is ready to benefit from multi band Sound to Light Triggering functionality, offered in Titan version 9.

We ensure our equipment is maintained to the highest standard, ready for your next event. Our experienced team of account managers, project managers and technicians are ready and waiting to help you create the perfect video and lighting experience.

  • 10 Playback faders
  • 20 Macro/Executor buttons
  • 3x high quality optical encoder wheels
  • 12.1" high-brightness touchscreen
  • Super-compact - just 42.5cm wide
  • Solid State internal storage
  • Expand control surface with optional Mobile Fader Wing
  • Supports one additional touchscreen
  • Avokey security built-in
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