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Robert Juliat Ivanhoe

Robert Juliat Ivanhoe

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Long considered the best followspots on the market, Robert Juliat followspots are used in every type of venue, from the smallest cabaret to the largest stadium, for both touring and fixed shows throughout the world.

We ensure our equipment is maintained to the highest standard, ready for your next event. Our experienced team of account managers, project managers and technicians are ready and waiting to help you create the perfect video and lighting experience.

  • Optical high performance double condenser.
  • Cassette rotary iris fully closed with protection.
  • Manual Shutter ( Dimmer ) from 0 to 100%.
  • Support rotatable gobo , size "A" ( Ø100 ).
  • 6 colour changer type boomerang is interchangeable filters.
  • Frosted glass tilt ( blur ).
  • Slides Interior dichroic filter 120 x 120mm.
  • Operating handles isolated.
  • Compact volume , scratch captive.
  • Adjustable Lyre strengthened.
  • 230 Volt auxiliary output for feeding a colour changer with tape protection.
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