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5.77mm ROE CB5 MKII

5.77mm ROE CB5 MKII

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ROE's CB MarkII LED platform offers 12% weight reduction compared to CB series and designed on a stronger structure. User friendly designed, the CB Mark II panel is easier and faster to install and maintain, guaranteeing efficient servicing. It's an ideal outdoor solution that suitable for any flexible stage design. 

Less weight, stronger structure - With a 12% weight reduction compared to the Carbon series, the CB5 MarkII offers a stronger structure, while reducing the weight. Measuring 600*1200mm, the panel weighs only 17kg/m2; Ideal for touring in combination with frame and dolly options. The reduced weight and easy handling will lower costs on transportation and labour.

Fast installation - The CB MarkII panel is easier to install and maintain. The module and mask design guarantee efficient servicing. The modules can be exchanged on each position and the mask can be snapped on and off easily. 

All-in-one Solution - The CB MarkII panel offers improved integration, the frame now adapts to T4 and Air Frame. The CB MarkII Series panels can curve in both convex and concave directions. Its flexible design is suited for outdoor applications. 

  • Pixel Pitch: 5.77mm
  • LED type: SMD 1921 White
  • Resolution: 104 x 208
  • Brightness: 6,000cd/m²
  • Refresh Rate: 7680Hz
  • Module dimensions: 600 x 1200 x 79mm
  • Weight per panel: 12.2kg
  • IP rating: IP65
  • Power consumption max./panel: 480W
  • Power consumption/panel: 240W
  • Min. viewing distance: 5.7m
  • Horizontal viewing angle: 140°
  • Vertical viewing angle: 110°
  • Features: Concave 15° ~ Convex 10°
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