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Elation KL Fresnel 8 FC PO

Elation KL Fresnel 8 FC PO

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The KL Fresnel 8 FC incorporates a highly efficient 5-in-1 (RGBMA) LED engine that produces up to 18,000 field lumens with a 10° to 50° wide manual zoom.

Outstanding colour rendering quality, precise CCT presets, and remotely adjustable LED refresh frequency makes this unit the perfect choice for today's fast-paced production environments.

Rugged and portable, the fixture can be mounted on a stand or suspended using any standard clamp or the included Junior pin adapter. It is fully self-contained without the need for an external power supply and offers locking power pass-through for easy linking of multiple units.

  • 500W RGBMA LED Engine
  • Dynamic White + Full Spectrum Color Control
  • 18,000 Total Fixture Lumen Output
  • 10° to 50° Wide Manual Zoom
  • Stand-Alone control with 2 Encoders and LED Display
  • Smooth 16-bit Selectable Dimming Modes and Curves
  • LED Refresh Rate Adjustment
  • Flicker Free Operation for TV and FILM
  • RDM (Remote Device Management)
Rentals » Inventory » Lighting Equipment » New Additions - Lighting » LEDs »
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